From the recording JazzRx: Introduction


Transition and Waiting:
This JazzRx request came from a prompt from a friend of the band's, Nia Campinha-Bacote. She's a divinity school student at Yale and created a sonic healing playlist for hospital chaplains around the world for the purposes of specifically caring for Black bodies in pain. This track first came out on Nia’s project “Gilead.” Here's her prompt that we responded to:

Given that this project stems from our research focusing on the ability of music to facilitate healing, even in the midst of death/dying, our hope for this track is to offer a healing presence for those occupying interstitial space. This can be interpreted in the context of loved ones in a "waiting room" type of setting (though due to COVID conditions, oftentimes these "waiting rooms" often take the form of sitting in cars in hospital parking lots, or pacing back and forth in living rooms awaiting phone call updates, etc.). This theme of liminal space also speaks to those transitioning out of this world--those final weeks, months, or even years (given diagnosis/prognosis)...what would it sound like to offer sonic healing to those who find themselves/those they love in the space of the in-between, where of hope & uncertainty intermingle?