The JuJu Exchange is looking to engage our audience in a trust-building exercise.  Trust us with a story of love, pain, or anything in between, and we will create a piece of music inspired by you.  We're opening this up exclusively to our most ardent supporters, our Patrons.  In joining us on this journey, may you find salve in these notes.

JazzRx Hope Dose

Resilience: This JazzRx request came from a prompt from a friend of the band's, Nia Campinha-Bacote. She's a divinity school student at Yale and created a sonic healing playlist for hospital chaplains around the world for the purposes of specifically caring for Black bodies in pain. This track first came out on Nia’s project “Gilead.” Here's her prompt that we responded to:


Resilience: The intent behind this theme/track is to offer an embodied/musical/instrumental experience of resilience as defined by NYTimes bestselling author Resmaa Menakem in his book, My Grandmother's Hands: (bolded are phrases/words we felt to be helpful/resonant with our project)

“Resilience is often misunderstood. It is typically viewed as the ability to bounce back from adversity, often in a heroic, individualized act....Resilience is both intrinsic and learned, a combination of nature...and nurture...Resilience manifests both individually and collectively. Sometimes it does take the form of a personal, individual act. Often, however, resilience is expressed communally by a group, a family, an organization, or a culture...Resilience isn’t just about responding to--or getting through--a difficult experience. Resilience also manifests in a form that’s more about being than doing. This aspect of resilience helps us stay grounded and settled no matter what happens to us...It’s a way for our body to access possibility and coherence, regardless of the circumstances. It’s not so much a response as it is a way of showing up, a way of tapping into the energies that surround and move through everything in our world...Resilience is not a thing or an attribute, but a flow. It moves through the body, and between multiple bodies when they are harmonized. It is neither built nor developed; it is taken in and expressed as part of a larger relationship with a family, a group, a community, or the world at large” (p50-1).



Our first prompt for JazzRx came from a dear friend and musical collaborator, Macie Stewart. She asked us to submit music for the compilation album Warm Violet she was putting together in order to raise funds for basic goods and services (e.g., toilet paper, bus fare) for those reentering society from Cook County Jail on Chicago's South Side. In response, we prescribed Fecundity, a track about bringing forth new life. Our music is in service to new life possible for the formerly incarcerated, for a nation sick with the prison industrial complex, and for each one of you listening.



I’m feeling a lot of hope right now. Vaccines on the way, a new administration, holiday lights. But all of that is future - it’s a funny liminal state: a little more patience and hope for brighter days ahead.


We made this track to give a sense of hope peeking through. Meadows are beautiful places of hope with their lush green, so we figured that a great place to put our attention for this one.


Transition and Waiting: 

This JazzRx request came from a prompt from a friend of the band's, Nia Campinha-Bacote. She's a divinity school student at Yale and created a sonic healing playlist for hospital chaplains around the world for the purposes of specifically caring for Black bodies in pain. This track first came out on Nia’s project “Gilead.” Here's her prompt that we responded to:


Given that this project stems from our research focusing on the ability of music to facilitate healing, even in the midst of death/dying, our hope for this track is to offer a healing presence for those occupying interstitial space. This can be interpreted in the context of loved ones in a "waiting room" type of setting (though due to COVID conditions, oftentimes these "waiting rooms" often take the form of sitting in cars in hospital parking lots, or pacing back and forth in living rooms awaiting phone call updates, etc.). This theme of liminal space also speaks to those transitioning out of this world--those final weeks, months, or even years (given diagnosis/prognosis)...what would it sound like to offer sonic healing to those who find themselves/those they love in the space of the in-between, where of hope & uncertainty intermingle?


Green from Grey: 

Dear JuJu: Spring is only "37" days away! Can you please write a song which describes how we will soon emerge into the warmth and light?


We made this track to be a playful response to this prompt about hope amidst the cold winter.


JazzRx Introduction

JazzRx is the sonic medicine project from The JuJu Exchange. Nico Segal, Nova Zaii, and Julian Davis Reid have created these tracks in response to prompts from individual fans and from current events (such as the whirlwind of national emotions surrounding Trump's election or the international strife surrounding the Ukraine-Russian war). Most of the individuals who submitted prompts connected with The JuJu Exchange through the band's Patreon subscription service or NFT space. This project is ongoing, meaning the band will continue responding musically to fans as they ask and to the world as it laughs and cries. Whether you are currently on a mountaintop or in a valley, The JuJu Exchange's sound is there to accompany you on the journey. 


This four-track release, JazzRx: Introduction, is an appetizer to the entree. We hope this builds excitement and curiosity for all that is to come! Welcome to JazzRx.



Prompt (from Leonard): The joy of giving and sharing with family and those less fortunate.


This track emerged during the holidays one year, a season often punctuated with good cheer and generosity. As we give to others and watch them receive, a calm can wash over us. That peace is the heart of this track.



Prompt: The US and China have long had fraught political relations, yet our cultures are deeply intertwined. How can the people connect well with one another even when our governments war on?


Sound transcends physical and cultural boundaries, cutting through the walls that our nations and tribes often erect. For those who dare listen to the music that laughs in the face of barriers, there is a great conversation to be had. To celebrate and promote this exchange, Convo blends traditional Chinese instrumentation, er-hu, with Black American hip-hop and jazz sensibilities and European instruments. We hope this convo helps you have the ones you need to have with someone who is different from you.



Prompt (from Cathy): Julian, Happy New year to you, Carmen, Nico, Everett and all. May it be so. Heavy on my heart is for our Merit students to not give up on hope during more troubling times. So, how about an Rx with lightness? Shed some light with your beautiful music.


Hope can be a pulse of light that resists the onslaught of despair, even in a pandemic. It was from that conviction that we created this piece for an adult who helps provide a music education for the current students of our alma mater, Merit School of Music.


Humm (from Kyle): Life is full of little gifts and without reflection, they are easy to miss, but when paying attention there is so much joy and goodness in gratitude. I am feeling an invitation to spend more time appreciating and rejoicing in the beauty and wonder of each day's gifts. Can you prescribe some jazz?


This track of triumph emerged as a means of celebrating what happens when we recognize the little gifts of life. There are victories all around. Can you hear them?



More Than A Memory

Savannah and Chris: Hi friends! We'd love some JazzRx :) As y'all know and have experienced, this year-plus has been a doozy. For us, it's held a huge spectrum of emotions related to our family as we made the decision last spring to start trying to have a child! Grief and hope are the major ones that come to mind. We were able to get pregnant pretty quickly, but then miscarried last May. Then, we became pregnant again in August and now we're expecting our first child in May. That said, we'd love some jazz to help us reflect on this journey. Chris's thoughts: Pregnancy in the time of COVID. Excitement, anticipation, fear. Confusion about how to plan for parenthood and do community during lockdown. Appreciate everything you do to help carry us through this time & remind us of what's important -- Savannah & Chris

Under Fire

Under Fire is an ode to the victims of mass shootings in the US. The song emerged from an intense conversation Nico and Zaii had about the school shooting in Uvalde, TX in 2022. That we have to specify which mass shooting is already too much.  

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