JazzRx: Introduction

JazzRx is the sonic medicine project from The JuJu Exchange. Nico Segal, Nova Zaii, and Julian Davis Reid have created these tracks in response to prompts from individual fans and from current events (such as the whirlwind of national emotions surrounding Trump's election or the international strife surrounding the Ukraine-Russian war). Most of the individuals who submitted prompts connected with The JuJu Exchange through the band's Patreon subscription service or NFT space. This project is ongoing, meaning the band will continue responding musically to fans as they ask and to the world as it laughs and cries. Whether you are currently on a mountaintop or in a valley, The JuJu Exchange's sound is there to accompany you on the journey. 


This four-track release, JazzRx: Introduction, is an appetizer to the entree. We hope this builds excitement and curiosity for all that is to come! Welcome to JazzRx.


The JuJu Exchange

Julian Davis Reid, Nico Segal, Nova Zaii (left to right)

The JuJu Exchange is a musical partnership of three childhood friends from Chicago: Nico Segal, Julian Davis Reid and Nova Zaii. They create exploratory and nuanced music that call us all to wonder and trust. Their music, mostly instrumental, blends acoustic and digital instruments to further meaningful exchange among seemingly disparate cultures. They hope their music inspires the listener to participate in the kinds of exchange the world desperately needs.