1. Resilience

From the recording JazzRx: Introduction


Resilience: The intent behind this theme/track is to offer an embodied/musical/instrumental experience of resilience as defined by NYTimes bestselling author Resmaa Menakem in his book, My Grandmother's Hands: (bolded are phrases/words we felt to be helpful/resonant with our project)
“Resilience is often misunderstood. It is typically viewed as the ability to bounce back from adversity, often in a heroic, individualized act....Resilience is both intrinsic and learned, a combination of nature...and nurture...Resilience manifests both individually and collectively. Sometimes it does take the form of a personal, individual act. Often, however, resilience is expressed communally by a group, a family, an organization, or a culture...Resilience isn’t just about responding to--or getting through--a difficult experience. Resilience also manifests in a form that’s more about being than doing. This aspect of resilience helps us stay grounded and settled no matter what happens to us...It’s a way for our body to access possibility and coherence, regardless of the circumstances. It’s not so much a response as it is a way of showing up, a way of tapping into the energies that surround and move through everything in our world...Resilience is not a thing or an attribute, but a flow. It moves through the body, and between multiple bodies when they are harmonized. It is neither built nor developed; it is taken in and expressed as part of a larger relationship with a family, a group, a community, or the world at large” (p50-1).